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Welcome to BMD Materials, Winnipeg's premier destination for commercial flooring and window coverings. At BMD Materials, we specialize in providing high-quality, innovative solutions for builders and developers, ensuring that every space we touch is elevated with style and functionality.

We are committed to delivering exceptional service and products that meet the unique needs of each project. Our expertise in commercial specifications, installation services, and custom energy-efficient treatments makes us the go-to source for all your flooring and window covering needs.

Commercial Flooring & Window Covering Specialists


Window Coverings

Commercial Specifications and Installation. Powered and Automation Specialists. Custom Energy Efficient Window Treatments.

Flooring & Tile

Contract Specification and Installation Services. No cost budgeting and value engineering. Commercial and Hospitality Flooring Specialists.

Procurement and Logistical Services

We assist stakeholders with end to end solutions. Many leading brands do not have a presence in Canada asd a small market. BMD procurement experts bring these products to you.

Special Projects

Material and cost of ownership reviews. FF&E procurement and placement for hospitality clients.
Our mission is to collaborate with developers, general contractors, builders, interior designers, and architects to enhance project efficiency and reduce costs, fostering a future where success is shared through partnership and excellence.

Product Selection

It all begins with your project & budget - BMD will work with the design team to maximize your ROI for your personalized life cycle.

Competitive Pricing

BMD will collect competitive bids from numerous qualified global manufacturers that all meet the desired specifications. Ask us for a demo of our automated RFQ process.

Procurement & Logistics

BMD will turnkey the procurement process as well as all warehousing + transportation to your Jobsite. Ask us for a demo of our 360 client communication platform.

Installation Services

BMD can arrange and manage, if desired, installation services for all materials purchased for a project.

Discover Winnipeg's top commercial flooring & window coverings specialist at BMD Materials! Dive into premium designs & expert solutions.

Lower Capital Costs Without Sacraficing on Quality



Partners in Value

At BMD, we prioritize collaboration with all key players involved in the construction process. We are dedicated to understanding the objectives of the Owners, the creative vision of the Architect, and the financial and time limitations faced by the General Contractor.

To enhance value, BMD harnesses our industry knowledge, business expertise, and cutting-edge software tools to deliver materials to job sites at significantly reduced capital costs. Our purpose-built life cycles are designed to optimize efficiency while minimizing oversight from other stakeholders.

Talk to a Specialist

Collaboration, Communications & Cost Savings

BMD excels at fostering collaboration and seamlessly connecting Owners, Architects, and Interior Design resources with the General Contractor.


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Commercial Window Coverings


Unique Carpeting


Commercial Tile


Meeting Room Privacy


Desinger Selections

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Automation Specialists


Meeting Room Enhancements


Commercial Vinyl




Retail Flooring

retail flooring

Hospitality Flooring Solutions

Hospitality flooring

Innovative Office Flooring

office flooring

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