2024 Commercial Flooring Markets and Trends

Trends in Commercial Flooring: A Decade in Review

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The global commercial flooring market has witnessed significant shifts over the past decade. As the demands of the modern workspace evolve, so do the preferences for flooring solutions. Here's a deep dive into the trends that have shaped the industry, backed by data and insights.

1. Human-Centric Design Takes Center Stage

With Generation Z projected to make up a third of the workforce by 2025, there's a growing emphasis on creating spaces that cater to diverse needs and expectations. Both younger and older generations prioritize human connection, well-being, and comfort. This has led to a demand for spaces that promote collaboration while also catering to personal wellness goals. Laura Leung, a designer for IA Architects, emphasizes the importance of intentionality and authenticity in workplace design. Such designs ensure a memorable and healthy environment tuned to user needs.

2. Collaboration in Design

Tarkett's recent collection, the Collaborative collection, is a testament to the power of teamwork in design. Led by Omoleye Simmons, Tarkett's vice president of design, the collection emerged from a collaborative mark-making process. The designs were created by layering the marks of different team members, resulting in patterns that are greater than the sum of their parts.

3. Technological Integration

As emerging technologies become more accessible, they're being integrated into products to enhance user experience. Solutions addressing virtual fatigue, ergonomic optimization, hybrid workspaces, and physical well-being are becoming standard. Gensler’s 2023 Design Forecast highlights that technological advances in product development can significantly enhance workplace inclusivity.

4. Durability and Practicality

AHF introduced the Armstrong Flooring Natralis commercial homogeneous vinyl sheet, known for its durability and resistance to heavy foot and rolling load traffic. Such products are becoming increasingly popular in high-traffic commercial settings like healthcare, education, and hospitality.

5. Blending Indoors with Outdoors

Commercial designers are focusing on blending indoor and outdoor spaces. With research indicating that Americans spend 90% of their lives indoors, there's a push towards designs that reflect elements from the natural world. The BEHR BioNature Collection and Tarkett’s Renewal Series are examples of collections inspired by the outdoors.

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The commercial flooring industry has seen a shift towards designs that prioritize human well-being, collaboration, and integration of technology. As we move forward, it's evident that the industry will continue to evolve, reflecting the changing demands of the modern workspace.

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