Altex: A Synergy of Style and Function

A Partnership of Excellence


BMD Materials, the renowned commercial flooring and window covering expert in Winnipeg, Manitoba, proudly partners with Altex, a leader in innovative window covering solutions. This collaboration offers a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, perfectly aligning with the modern needs of commercial and residential spaces.

The Art of Blending Function and Feeling

Altex emphasizes the importance of window coverings that seamlessly integrate both function and design. In partnership with BMD Materials, this philosophy is brought to life in Winnipeg, offering clients window solutions that not only serve practical purposes but also enhance the overall ambiance of a space.

Inspiring Productivity with Thoughtful Designs

Creating an environment that fosters productivity is key in any commercial setting. Altex's approach to design, which focuses on creating atmospheres that inspire productivity, aligns perfectly with BMD Materials' commitment to functional and aesthetic excellence.


Balancing Privacy and Light

One of the critical challenges in designing commercial spaces is achieving the right balance between privacy and natural light. The collaborative efforts of BMD Materials and Altex address this by offering solutions like Ambio® Roller Shades and Day & Night Roller Shades, which provide flexibility in light control and privacy.

Addressing Unique Architectural Challenges

Dressing high windows or dealing with unusual architectural features is a common challenge in commercial buildings. BMD Materials and Altex bring innovative solutions like Fixed Multiform Shades and Motorized Curtain Tracks, offering practical yet stylish solutions for challenging spaces.


A Room with a View: Maximizing Scenic Vistas

Altex's philosophy of "a room with a view" focuses on enhancing and framing beautiful outdoor vistas. In Winnipeg's diverse architectural landscape, BMD Materials leverages this concept to provide window coverings that complement the city's unique views, adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Flooding the Bathroom with Light

Innovative window covering solutions like those from Altex can transform a bathroom space by introducing natural light while maintaining privacy​. BMD Materials' expertise in installation and material selection ensures that these solutions are perfectly executed in Winnipeg's commercial projects.

Modern Dining: A Blend of Style and Function

Altex's window covering options, such as those showcased in their "Modern Dining" inspiration, offer a blend of style and functionality, ideal for contemporary dining areas. BMD Materials brings these concepts to life in Winnipeg, enhancing dining experiences in commercial settings.

Conclusion: A Testament to Innovation and Design

The partnership between BMD Materials and Altex represents a commitment to excellence in window covering solutions in Winnipeg. By combining Altex's innovative designs with BMD Materials' expertise in installation and material selection, this synergy promises to transform spaces into functional, stylish, and inspiring environments. Visit BMD Materials to explore how this partnership can elevate your next project.

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