Window Covering Experts in Winnipeg

BMD Materials, a leader in commercial flooring and window coverings located at 780 Bradford Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba (R3N 0H5), proudly presents a comprehensive guide tailored for the modern business's needs. With a keen eye on the latest trends and a strong focus on both aesthetics and functionality, we're dedicated to elevating the Winnipeg market's standard for workplace environments.


Customized Solutions for Every Business

Understanding that no two businesses are alike, we emphasize the importance of identifying the specific requirements of your commercial space. From office areas needing light control to minimize glare, to healthcare settings demanding privacy and antimicrobial properties, we've got you covered. UV blocking fabric is a staple across our range, ensuring protection and comfort.

Privacy and Light Management

Achieve the perfect balance of privacy and light with our diverse selection of blinds, shades, and draperies. Whether it's creating a serene atmosphere for your clients or a productive environment for your staff, we offer solutions that cater to every level of light control and privacy needs.

Energy Efficiency at its Best

With energy costs on the rise, our custom window treatments are designed to significantly reduce your operational expenses. Options like cellular shades and insulated draperies not only enhance comfort but also contribute to a greener planet by regulating indoor temperatures efficiently.

Strategic Placement for Optimal Impact

We understand the pivotal role of window placement and its impact on your business’s visual appeal and internal atmosphere. Front-facing windows or those in employee-exclusive areas, each has its unique contribution to the overall business environment, which we skillfully accentuate with our window treatments.

BMD Materials Blinds Trends 2024

Embrace Technology with Motorized Treatments

Elevate your space with the convenience and sophistication of motorized window treatments. Ideal for spaces with high ceilings or hard-to-reach windows, our automated solutions offer efficiency and a seamless experience for both employees and customers alike.

Reinforcing Your Brand Identity

Beyond functionality, our window treatments serve as a canvas to reflect and reinforce your brand's identity. Through careful selection of colors, patterns, and materials, we ensure your window coverings speak volumes about your business’s character and ethos.

Durability Meets Style

Invest in window coverings that stand the test of time without compromising on style. Our commercial-grade materials are selected for their durability, ease of maintenance, and safety, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Safety as a Priority

Your safety is our concern. Our products comply with the highest standards of safety and are designed to ensure the wellbeing of your employees, customers, and visitors. From fire-retardant materials to cordless options, we provide peace of mind along with aesthetic appeal.

Let BMD Materials Be Your Guide

Choose BMD Materials for an unparalleled selection of commercial window treatments that blend functionality, style, and efficiency. Located in the heart of Winnipeg, we are dedicated to helping you make the right impression on both customers and employees, fostering a positive and productive business environment. Visit us at to explore our offerings and elevate your commercial space today.

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